SAS-100 Liquid Autosampler

Specially created for use with the Selerity Series 4000 SFC, the SAS-100 liquid autosampler is designed for a wide range of sample densities to meet the demands of diverse SFC applications. The autosampler efficiently transfers the sample to the injection valve on the SFC by using positive displacement.

Unique Features of the SAS-100 Autosampler

  • Liquid sample transfer using positive displacement for optimal delivery required for high pressure injection
  • 50 sample vial position rotary tray
  • Enables localized automatic liquid injection sequence setup and execution from the autosampler front keypad OR using PC-based chromatography data system method control sequencing utilizing the sequence table functions
  • Onboard LED keypad provides user-customizable options that include multiple rinse and purge settings, choice of injection speed, communications setup selections, and sampler diagnostics.
SAS-100 Liquid Autosampler

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