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Main Products Area : HPLC : Selerity Mobile Phase Preheater

A highly responsive, low-mass mobile phase preheater provides an elegant solution to the major technical roadblock in temperature programmed HPLC.

Why Preheat the Mobile Phase?

  • Click to Enlarge Heating the mobile phase before it enters the column is essential for good chromatography at high temperatures whether in the isothermal or programmed temperature gradient mode.
  • Solvent preheating eliminates peak band broadening due to thermal mismatch. It is essential even at temperatures as low as 50 °C .
  • Peak focusing occurs if the effluent entering the column is at a different temperature than that of the oven.

The Selerity Mobile Phase PreHeater** - Making high temperature programming possible

  • Convenient, easy-to-use, compact design.
  • Low dead volume (< 1 µL).
  • High heat capacity for use with microbore to 4.6 mm columns.
  • Fast—heat up to 10 °C per second at flow rates up to 10 mL/min.
  • Non-invasive, non-contaminating.
  • Available in a variety of internal diameters.
  • Independent preheater control allows peak focusing.

See Technical Notes 803 & 805 for more information.

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