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Main Products Area : HPLC Columns & Accessories


Click to EnlargeSelerity Blaze200™ High Temperature Silica Columns

Silica Columns for use at Extreme Temperatures

Selerity Technologies has developed a family of polycarbosilane bonded silica columns that resist hydrolytic breakdown at temperatures up to 200ºC under reverse phase conditions.

Although there are a variety of stationary phases such as polymeric and graphitic carbon materials that can be used at elevated temperatures, most HPLC chemists prefer the selectivity and higher efficiencies of silica-based columns. Increasing temperature can drastically limit the column lifetime when the bonded phase is based on traditional chemistries. Most silica-based HPLC columns can only be used to temperatures up to 60°C and a pH range of 3-8. Such columns have a propensity to degrade as water attacks the underlying support particles.

Selerity's new Blaze 200 column overcomes these obstacles. It consists of a new polydentate silica phase that is stable at extreme temperatures, with added pH stability. The development of a new polycarbosilane bonding chemistry that is hydrolytically stable against breakdown in aqueous environments facilitates such analyses. It integrates multiple point attachments to the silica with a high degree of cross-linking. This combination creates a highly protective barrier over the silica backbone, protecting it from hydrolytic attack.

The column offers traditional C18 selectivity, while providing enhanced temperature stability for use up to 200°C and pH conditions as high as 12. Columns based on this chemistry are useful for both isothermal and temperature programmed separations over wide ranges of temperature.


Other columns that can take the heat:

The Thermo Electron Hypercarb® column has proven durable under temperature programmed conditions up to 200ºC.  For more information on Hypercarb® columns, click here.

Further expanding the range of selectivity, Jordi polymeric stationary phases have been used for temperature programmed HPLC successfully to 150°C.  For more information, contact Jordi FLP at

When these columns from other manufacturers are ordered for high temperature HPLC use, all stainless steel hardware (including the column frits) must be specified.  Thermo Electron and Jordi both have special part numbers for all stainless steel hardware.  Please contact them for more information.

See Technical Notes 804, 806, 808 and 811 for more information.


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