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Main Products Area : HPLC : Series 9000 Total Temperature Controller


Extreme HPLC from sub-zero to 200°C

Temperature programmed HPLC is taken to extremes with the Polaratherm™ Series 9000 Total Temperature Controller with mobile phase preheating, and optional cryo cooling.


Polaratherm™ Series 9000 Total Temperature Controller

Column Compartment for Extreme Temperature HPLC

  • Small footprint requires only 8.5" (21.6 cm) of bench space
  • Isothermal and thermal gradient operation from sub-zero to 200 ºC for extreme versatility
  • High velocity forced-air design for precise temperature control and fast response
  • Independently controlled mobile phase preheating for superior peak shape
  • Peltier effluent conditioning provides precise pre-detector temperature control for use with any HPLC detector
  • Accommodates columns from microbore to 4.6 mm diameters up to 25 cm in length for optimum flexibility

Work at Extreme Temperatures Safely

  • Flammable vapors sensor initiates oven shutdown and pump shut-off upon detection of hazardous vapors
  • Watchdog software continuously monitors system functions and prevents runaway of temperature controlled zones

Two Stage Effluent Conditioning Permits Use of any Detector

  • Effluent first passes through a heat exchanger for initial conditioning
  • Effluent temperature is then precisely controlled with thermoelectric technology before reaching detector
  • Effluent temperature is set by user to accommodate any HPLC detector

The Polaratherm™ uses the Selerity Technologies mobile phase preheater (patent pending) to eliminate thermal mismatch.

For technical information, please see Technical Notes and Application Notes. Additional information is also available in the High Temperature HPLC Brochure.

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