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SFC Training Course

"Instrument Maintenance and Optimization of ASTM Methods D5186 and D6550"


Course Description

This is a hands-on, three day course that will intensively cover ASTM method D5186 for the determination of aromatics in diesel and jet fuels and Method D6550 for the determination of olefins in gasoline.  Attendees will learn optimization techniques as well as basic instrument maintenance and method troubleshooting. 


The tuition for this three-day course is $800.00 or one free with instrument purchase. RSVP required.

Course Site

Selerity Technologies

2484 W Custer Rd

Salt Lake City, UT 84104


contact Nathan Porter at Selerity Technologies:

Phone:   801-978-2295 X105

FAX:      801-978-2298

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