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Main Products Area : Series 4000 SFC : Features : High Pressure Syringe Pump

High Pressure Syringe Pump

The Series 4000 Syringe Pump provides
essentially pulse-free, pressure controlled flow

The temperature-controlled pressure transducer is an exclusive design to Selerity Technologies. This design feature assures that the retention times are reproducible run after run, independent of changes in the laboratory temperature environment.

Electronic cooling of the pump head assures maximum fills and accurate deliveries. Cooling the carbon dioxide also provides better pump control by decreasing compressability of the fluid at temperatures near 0 °C.

Small 10-mL syringe means less torque stress for longer pump life. Automatic refill after every run guarantees you will have a full syringe for every analysis.

Simple pump design with few moving parts means less downtime. The seals used in the Series 4000 SFC have demonstrated long lifetime resulting in low maintenance.

Automatic shut-down on sensing low carbon dioxide pressure. Because the pump monitors the pressure of the carbon dioxide cylinder, the series 4000 will automatically stop if the limit switch is reached. A message is then sent to the screen indicating a low inlet pressure. Consequently, pump burn-out is eliminated.

Delivers volumes sufficient for lengthy packed (1 mm ID) and capillary column analysis.

Series 4000 SFC Features:

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