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Physical dimensions
System size (h x w x d):
20” x 8” x 16“  
25 lbs  

Oven (isothermal or temperature programming)
Operating range:
5°C above ambient to 200°C, ±0.5°C accuracy

Operating range with

cryo option:

Subzero (-20°C) to 200°C, ±0.5°C accuracy

Temperature programming


1°- 30°C/min when ramping up to 150°C, ±1°C accuracy

1°- 20°C/min when ramping from 150 to 200°C, ±1°C accuracy

Cool down rate: From 200°C to 50°C in 3.5 minutes From 50°C to 5°C above ambient 2.5 minutes
Safety features:

Enclosed heated zones

Detection of flammable vapor initiates:    

   heating element shut-off

   pump shut-off

   fan clears column cavity

Backpressure regulator keeps eluent in liquid phase

Mobile phase preheating

(independent from column compartment control)

Active volume:
Less than 1 µL
Temperature control:

Lead, lag, or match oven temperature, ±1°C accuracy under temperature programming operation

Lead, lag, or match oven temperature, ±0.5°C accuracy under isothermal operation

Effluent Cooling (active effluent sensing)
Cooling control:
< or equal to 35°C under high flow rates (> 5mL/min) and high temperature (150-200°C) operation 20°C below ambient under low flow rates (< 5mL/min) and low to moderate (0°C to 150°C) operation

Column sizes:
ID: Packed capillaries, and 1mm to 4.6 mm Length: up to 25.0 cm

Operation Control
Front panel keypad:

Method development
Storage for 9 methods
Start/stop key
Function keys for control parameters Preheater calibration
Communication control