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Selerity Technologies and Restek Consolidate their Partnership

ORLANDO, Florida (February 27, 2005) Temperature Programmed Liquid Chromatography (TPLC) specialist, Selerity Technologies Inc announces that it has reinforced its ties with Restek (State College, Pennsylvania), the chromatography consumables expert. Selerity's column technology expertise, culminating in the launch of a new silica-based stationary phase for extreme temperatures, coupled with Restek's manufacturing know-how, will ensure customers will benefit from the best products available. Selerity's TPLC silica-based columns and TPLC instrumentation will be exhibited on booth #2739 at PITTCON 2005, Orlando, Florida, February 27 March 4.

Under the terms of this agreement, Restek will manufacture Selerity's new high temperature column the Blaze 200 . Increasing temperature can drastically limit column lifetime when the bonded phase is based on traditional chemistries. However, Selerity's Blaze 200 benefits from a polycarbosilane bonding chemistry that is hydrolytically stable against breakdown in aqueous environments to 200 º C. The underlying silica support is also protected by the bonded phase against dissolution and remains intact at pH extremes. The columns are useful for both isothermal and programmed separations over wide ranges of temperature.


Selerity has also granted Restek a license agreement to manufacture and sell its columns for use at high and low pH. Selerity benefits from Restek's extensive experience in developing, packing and manufacturing high quality HPLC columns. Restek will be able to offer their customers an extremely stable HPLC stationary phase that can be used at temperature and pH extremes. It also allows chromatographers to perform reversed phase HPLC separations at temperature up to 200°C with a silica based C18 column - the most popular column packing type.




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