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Selerity Technologies Develops New Standalone Preheater for Chromatographers Wishing to Perform High Temperature Separations

ORLANDO, Florida (February 27, 2005) – Temperature Programmed Liquid Chromatography (TPLC) specialist, Selerity Technologies Inc introduces its new standalone preheater incorporating patented technology – the Caloratherm™. The preheater reaches an upper temperature limit of 100 ° C and can be easily integrated with any laboratory's HPLC equipment.

Selerity's new Caloratherm is an independent preheater that operates in the isothermal mode. The instrument will particularly appeal to existing HPLC users who are keen to experiment with temperature as a parameter to achieve better peak shapes and results in their chromatographic separations. The Caloratherm, which is compatible with existing ovens, efficiently heats the mobile phase using a novel technique that eliminates band broadening and misshaped peaks.

The Caloratherm incorporates the highly responsive characteristics of the preheating system developed for Selerity's Polaratherm™ total temperature controller oven. To overcome thermal mismatch, Selerity's preheater design consists of a low mass, low volume device, which can be positioned in the column inlet tubing to ensure responsive heat transfer into the mobile phase before it enters the column. Heating of the mobile phase is thereby performed completely independently from the oven but calibrated to the desired temperature to reach accurate thermal profiling.

Selerity's innovative preheater design ensures that the heated zone becomes thermally insulated. A small thermocouple is attached directly to the tubing and connected using an electrically isolated circuit. The probe reads the tubing wall temperature, which accurately follows that of the fluid down its core. Through the temperature sensor, the heating device automatically compensates for the heating requirements of fluids and ensures the consistency of the temperature along the column walls.


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