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Selerity Technologies Installs First Polaratherm™ In Europe

Belgium-based, the Research Institute of Chromatography (R.I.C.), has taken delivery of a Polaratherm™ oven from High Temperature Liquid Chromatography (HTLC) specialist, Selerity Technologies Inc. The newly installed instrument, which has been CE approved, will enable Prof. Sandra's team to research new applications for HTLC and demonstrate the benefits offered by this new chromatographic equipment to customers in Europe.


Selerity recently announced a partnership agreement with R.I.C. whereby R.I.C. would promote its range of HTLC solutions across continental Europe, including Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In addition, the institute, a leader in research and training in modern separation science, is eager to develop and evaluate new methods with the Polaratherm™ as part of its ongoing programme to provide practical solutions to the latest analytical challenges.


The R.I.C. team will further research and validate the characterisation of certain solutes in complex matrices using HTLC, total temperature control and preheating of the mobile phase. This additional experimental work will complement work already carried out by Selerity and will help to improve the appeal of the Polaratherm™ to laboratories by ensuring continuous improvements made for better accuracy, precision, reproducibility and automation of analyses. Furthermore, Prof. Sandra, founder and managing director, R.I.C. stated: "The Polaratherm™ will aid in the development of green methods to satisfy the requirements of a newly awarded grant received from Pfizer Corporation".


Selerity's Polaratherm™ is a HPLC column compartment capable of controlling the temperature from sub zero to 200ºC benefiting from two modes of operation, temperature programming and isothermal. It is the first column compartment to allow and regulate high, ambient, low or dynamic temperatures for selectivity tuning and improved High Performance Liquid Chromatography separations (HPLC). This equipment is applicable to most vendor HPLC systems, and can therefore be deployed in any laboratory already operating HPLC, at little additional cost.


Jody Clark, VP sales and marketing, Selerity Technologies, comments: "Our recent collaboration with R.I.C. is instrumental in creating a network for the Polaratherm™ in Europe. With its total analytical solutions approach, it means that R.I.C. gives even more credibility to the applications of HTLC, and ultimately to the efficiencies that can be gained by implementing new separation method development with thermal gradients."


For more information about the Polaratherm™ and instrumentation for HTLC visit or e-mail

For further press information please contact: Mark Shuttleworth, The Scott Partnership, The Old Barn, Holly House Estate, CRANAGE, Middlewich, Cheshire CW10 9LT, United Kingdom Tel: + 44 1606 837787 Fax: +44 1606 837757 mail

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